Symborg participates in the third edition of CAPCA’S Spring Summit

5 April 2019

Symborg will be participating as an exhibitor at CAPCA’S annual spring summit, to be held next April 16th-17th at the Pechanga Resort of Temecula, a city in Riverside County in California. The event will be the opportunity to share the essential news in the agricultural biotechnological industry during an exhibition that will include field visits and several different training sessions.

Symborg will be at stand 19, with a sampling of its main biological inoculants: MycoUp, MycoUp Activ and Trichosym Bio. These three products are designed for use in intensive agriculture, applied through irrigation systems to increase agricultural yield. The first two products do so with an intense mycorrhizal colonization, boosted by its main ingredient Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum, a phyto-fortifier fungus discovered and patented by Symborg.  With the third product, the main active ingredient is the fungus from the species Trichoderma harzianum, strain T78, discovered by Symborg. It stimulates crop development in plants, improving nutrition by means of macro and micronutrient solubilization, facilitating intake through the roots and transfer to the plant. It is recommended for all kinds of horticultural crops.

The summit will kick off Tuesday the 16th with different debate sessions on key issues for California’s southern region. They will be led by representatives from the agricultural commissions that are part of the Association: Rubén Arroyo, from Riverside, Ha Dang, from San Diego, Kurt Floren, from Los Angeles and Harvard Fong, a senior CDPR industrial hygienist.

On Wednesday the 17th, different workshops and field visits will be conducted. The main topics in the workshops will be olive trees, avocados, new technologies for insect handling, Glyphosate 101, tree injections and greenhouse crops. The workshops will be given by experts from different research centers for crop management, universities and innovation departments at cutting-edge companies in agricultural technology.  As far as field tours are concerned, they will be held at Temecula’s three main local companies: West PAC Avocado Grove, First Step Green House Nursery and Temecula Olive Company Grove.

This year, Symborg has obtained a golden CAPCA membership, so it will have greater support from the Association to share its research in agricultural biotechnology and increased company participation in Conferences, Fairs and all kinds of training activities related to this sector.

CAPCA helps Pest Control Advisers in California, offering them the opportunity to work with the latest industry trends, to complete the continuing education necessary to conduct their work and offering them legal support. The Association is considered a vital resource to keep California at the forefront of strategies in responsible agricultural management and pest control. CAPCA’S main objective is to help California to provide the safest food supply in the world and guarantee that the state’s parks and leisure areas are free from invasive pests, weeds and illnesses.

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