Symborg participates in the Annual BPIA Meeting

12 March 2019

Once again, Symborg will be participating in the 2019 Annual Meeting organized by BPIA, the Biological Products Industry Alliance of the United States. The international meeting will be held from March 11th through the 15th in Portland, Oregon, with different presentations on the bio-stimulant sectors and pest control. Well-known individuals will be attending, such as Massimo Toni, member of the European Council Biostimulant Steering Committee, and Emma Babij, senior reviewer at the Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Canada.

This year, Symborg will boast highly-qualified representation at the event. Jesús Juárez, Symborg’s CEO, Jesús Martínez, Regulatory Affairs Director, and Marc Englert, General Manager of Symborg USA will be visiting the different conferences and round tables, as well as different networking rooms divided by topic: biostimulant integration, regulatory committees for the biotechnological sector, etc. Also, on the 14th, Symborg will participate in the extraordinary meeting called Biostimulant Work Stream Meeting.

In addition to the meeting and networking rooms divided by topic, general conferences will be taking place Wednesday the 13th aimed at all attendees. Of special note are the conferences on the situation of biological products in Canada, on updating biostimulants, and on transforming the supply chain into the agricultural market.

The Biological Products Industry Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainability through biological solutions, encouraging greater use of biological inoculants technology. Symborg is one of more than 100 members in the Alliance, which includes companies that manufacture biological pesticides and industries associated with the sector. The main goal is to promote responsible development of biological products that are safe and effective when used in agriculture, horticulture, public health, etc.

Moreover, BPIA encourages knowledge of the biological sector through educational, dissemination and promotional activities. Within BPIA, Symborg is actively involved in the development of an efficacy test protocol for biostimulants, as well as in the definition thereof, biostimulant categories, etc.

By participating in events such as these, Symborg seeks to contribute, along with this association, to raise awareness of the effectiveness and importance of natural microorganisms, of the use of metabolites of agricultural interest and their increasingly important role in sustainable agriculture of the future.

The company is also part of IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association), CAPCA (California Association of Pest Control Advisers) and participates in CEN / TC 455, a working group to develop European standards for products based on microorganisms once the European Regulation is approved. Symborg actively participates in promoting the use of biological control methods in sustainable agriculture. Along with these entities, the company shares the goal of driving knowledge of bio-pesticides as effective products and to make improvements to the regulatory process governing them all over the world.

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