Symborg, expert speaker on microorganisms at the 2018 CAPCA Conference & Agri-Expo

19 Ekim 2018

Marc Englert, General Manager at Symborg USA, will give a conference on how to use intensive agriculture

The event is organized by the Californian association PestAdvisers CAPCA

Symborg was one of the speaker companies at the 44th Annual CAPCA Conference & Agri-Expo, organized by the Californian association that brings 2,800 Pest-Advisers together, accredited by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This annual conference was held 14 through 16 October at Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. It gathered over one thousand association members, as well as other professionals from the agricultural sector from all over California.

Marc Englert, Symborg Country Manager in the USA, gave a conference on using selected microorganisms in intensive agriculture. He shared the case of using the mycorrhizal fungus, patented by Symborg, the Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum, one of the company’s most effective organisms. This is a microorganism that colonizes plant root systems and boosts their growth. More roots increases water and nutrient absorption efficiency, thus increasing crop yield and quality.

In addition to a tight schedule with conferences and expert round tables on the different topics related to controlling different crop illnesses, and specialist talks on handling all kinds of agricultural inputs, the CAPCA Conference & Agri-Expo has a display and stand area for companies and entities in the agricultural industry. Symborg has a display stand where it welcomed several guests interested in microorganism-based agricultural solutions, and the benefits of applying them to different kinds of crops.

CAPCA organizes this annual conference as a place to meet and exchange knowledge for PCAs, Pest Control Advisers, and other industry professionals, all while acting as an educational activity so its members can comply with their respective regulatory organizations and governmental departments’ updated knowledge requirements.



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