Symborg, an expert speaker at the World Lemon Industry Development Conference (WLIDS) in Ziyang

24 septembre 2019

Symborg has had up to 30% increased citrus production

Félix Fernández guest speaker at the WLIDS in China

Félix Fernández, Head of Technology Vigilance and Competitive Intelligence at Symborg participated as a guest expert speaker at the World Lemon Industry Development Conference in China. The meeting of lemon producers took place from September 17 to 24 in the city of Ziyang – Anyue, in the Chinese Province of Sichuan.

Fernández gave a speech on the use of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus iranicum var tenuihypharum var nova on lemon trees. Symborg’s Glomus is an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (AMF) that stimulates radicular growth and plant productivity. Different studies endorsed by research centers and independent universities confirm the capability of the fungus to improve water and nutrient-absorption efficiency in roots, even in water with high levels of salinity. With more water and nutrients available, plants treated with Symborg’s product improve their physiological state and increase their productivity. Due to the biological features of Glomus iranicum var tenuihypharum, Symborg has obtained two international patents over the species.

Attendees at the international conference heard about the results obtained on several lemon farms in the Region of Murcia after the use of Symborg biostimulant products based on this exclusive fungus. As Fernández explained, Spain is the second largest lemon producer in the world (only behind Argentina) and half of the lemons in Spain are produced in the Region of Murcia. Fernandez presented several practical cases of the use of the Symborg’s Glomus in one of the most common varieties in this region, Primofiori or “Fino” lemon, with different grafts, and the tests carried out have shown production increases close to the 30%.

This was not the first time that Dr. Félix Fernández has given producers and scientific colleagues the benefit of his knowledge of these types of crops. In April last year, Fernández gave a speech on citrus biotechnology in Montevideo, Uruguay, during the IV International Symposium on Citrus Biotechnology, organized under the auspices of the International Society of Citriculture.

Symborg Products

Symborg has developed several products based on the effectiveness of Glomus iranicum var tenuihypharum var nova. MycoUp and MycoUp Activ inoculate the fungus up to the root of the plants through irrigation systems; Resid HC is applied through seed treatment and Resid MG is administered directly to the soil when sowing. Company experts asses agriculturalists on the most suitable method to use these products, based on crop type, the most appropriate time, amounts, etc.

About Symborg

Symborg is a biotechnological company in the agricultural sector. It produces and markets exclusive fertilizers based on natural biological processes that strengthen plant roots and improve their physiological activity, increasing production and quality of the fruit. Based on natural processes, Symborg products are 100% sustainable and improve the environment. Founded in 2009 by Jesús Juárez and Félix Fernández, both with extensive professional careers in the fields of research and agriculture, Symborg has become firmly established as a leading Bioagro company. It is currently present in 31 different countries.

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