Symborg will present its Integrated Microbial Model at the 11th International Symposium MildWinter in Tenerife

28 January 2019

The scientific meeting began yesterday and will last until Thursday, January 31st

Murcia, January 28th, 2019. Symborg is participating in the 11th International Symposium MildWinter 2019, which will be held from January 27th through the 31st in Tenerife, where it will be presenting its Integrated Microbial Model for protected crops in mild climates. The eleventh edition of this scientific symposium for professionals interested in intensive agriculture will bring over 50 expert speakers and companies from the industry together, to share the latest developments and improvements in this kind of agricultural production.

Manuel Pérez Escobar, Manager of Symborg in Andalusia and the Canary Islands, will be in charge of presenting Symborg’s Integrated Microbial Model and will explain how Symborg’s microbiology affects this kind of protected crop. As will be discussed during the Conference, intensive agriculture has increasingly productive varieties that require more water consumption, nutrients and pesticides. This system has led to a loss in microbial biodiversity and beneficial microorganisms, degrading agricultural soil and reducing the production potential of crops. “The Integrated Microbial Model is based on managing very specific and exclusive species of different types of microorganisms, selected thanks to their efficiency to work in synergy to balance agricultural soil and provide the different roles necessary for optimum plant development. Thanks to this model, we can achieve more profitable and sustainable crops,” explains Pérez.

With this model, Symborg has managed to increase yield and size. Several studies conducted on different crops have proven this. With tomatoes, a test conducted in Murcia on the Ramyle variety showed an increase in production of up to one extra kilo per square meter. For fruit crops, such as melon and table grapes, Symborg’s Microbial Model attains noteworthy increases. In Almería, a watermelon plantation with Fashion and Premium varieties recorded increased production per square meter at up to 40%. Other examples provided were cucumbers and table grapes, with harvests improving 1.4% per square meter, and 4.9% per hectare, respectively.

In addition to Symborg’s Microbial Model, companies from different countries, such as Italy, Greece, Holland, Israel, the Czech Republic, Australia, and more, will be presenting their new projects in relation to this type of agriculture. The main topics that will be shared over the course of these five days are divided into six blocks: innovative strategies for watering, nutrition and administration, abiotic stress and environmental impacts, sustainable systems and pest control, climate control, semi-protected horticulture and industry perspective of protected and semi-protected crops in agriculture.

The Conference will be hosting speeches from researchers from entities such as the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research, who, in addition to other issues, will address the effects of applying tea compost to lettuce production in floating systems, or physiological tolerance mechanisms of grafted pepper under saline stress. Furthermore, experts from the University of Almeria and the Centre of Soil Science and Applied Biology of Segura (CEBAS-CSIC) will be discussing the secrets and falsehoods of textiles intended to protect crops from pests, as well as which fungicides to use to control soil-transferred diseases with Mediterranean crops in greenhouses, respectively.

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