Symborg, sponsor of the X International Symposium on Artichoke in Orihuela

8 March 2019
  • It will share its test results, with up to 30% increased artichoke production

Symborg will be one of the main participants in the X International Symposium on Artichoke, Cardoon and their Wild Species that will be held from March 12th through the 15th in Orihuela, Alicante. The event, organized under the International Society for Horticultural Science, will include a speech by Félix Fernández Martín, the Head of Symborg’s R+D+I department, on integrated microorganism handling in artichoke cultivation.

In his speech, which will be given March 15th at 9:30, Fernández Martín will share results from field studies conducted on two artichoke varieties: the white Tudela artichoke and the hybrid Symphony artichoke, both on large-sized artichokes for exportation, and medium-sized artichokes for the domestic and industrial market. Fernández Martín will explain how Glomus Iranicum var Tenuihypharum works, an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (AMF) discovered and patented by Symborg that stimulates radicular growth and productivity in plants. Different studies endorsed by public research centers and independent universities confirm the capability of Symborg’s Glomus to improve water and nutrient-absorption efficiency in roots, even water with a high saline level, to increase plant productivity.

With these two artichoke varieties, the field tests conducted bore very positive results, both in the Navarre region and in the Cartagena field, with increased production between 20% for the Symphony variety, with a 25% increase in large-sized artichokes for exportation, and up to 30% for the white Tudela variety, with a 15% increase in large-sized artichokes for exportation.

The international artichoke symposium will be structured in three parts. March 12th and 13th, several technical sessions will be held at the Orihuela Lonja, addressing issues such as biodiversity and genetic resource management, pest control and bioactive compounds. Thursday, March 14th, a technical tour will be provided at companies in the Vega Baja, in the Murcia region, including a luncheon starring artichokes from the Vega Baja in the Almoradí municipality.  See schedule.

The last session of the event will be held on March 15th, with a technical workshop geared toward a broader audience (agriculturalists, technicians and professionals from the industry) at the Higher Polytechnic School of Orihuela at the University Miguel Hernández. This workshop will address issues of interest related to commercialization, new products and market perspectives, so as to provide an illustration of the sector’s situation and its trends. In addition to Symborg, different industry companies will be taking the stand to talk about their experiences, along with researchers who will provide in-depth explanations of the most innovative aspects, and representatives from the Alcachofa de España (Artichoke of Spain) and Vega Baja associations to talk about product promotion.


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