Symborg, global paradigm in the use of mycorrhizae as enhancers

1 November 2016

Symborg has patented a fungus that increases plant roots, production and health

Jesus Juárez and Felix Fernández were fully aware of the multiple benefits of using microorganisms in crops. Felix Fernández, PhD in Agronomy with a long career as a researcher, had completed several studies on the enormous potential of arbuscular mycorrhizae for fortifying plants. With his partner Jesus Juarez, he set out to find, in arid and semi‐desert soils of their region in Spain, species having particular potential, helping crops withstand the difficult conditions in the area.

They found it in 2009: the new variety of mycorrhiza discovered and patented by Symborg is Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum which, in symbiosis with plants, strengthens its roots, improves its physical, chemical and microbiological activity and increases the production and quality of the fruits. This mycorrhizal forming fungus has superb symbiotic properties when associated with plant roots; however, to get it there and how to achieve it to form symbiosis with the roots in a quick and economical way as required by the modern agriculture? It was essential to develop products capable of inoculating the Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum through irrigation systems and in the seeds for rain fed crops. This was the crux of the laboratory research that Symborg founders had to overcome before they started the company.

Infografic Symborg increases production in different cropsJesus Juarez, CEO of the company, explains that in most cases the spores of funguses are larger than 120 microns, and therefore cannot pass through the filters of traditional systems of drip irrigation, however, Symborg managed to isolate a variety of fungus that produces smaller spores! As a result, Symborg´s patented MycoUp (OMRI certified organic enhancer), passes through a sieve of 80 microns, ensuring its passage through the filters of irrigation systems. Moreover, thanks to its R&D department, Symborg has ensured that its product´s has the ability to remain viable to inoculate roots even after the harsh conditions of transporting and storing. Based on a microorganism, MycoUp is 100% sustainable and improves overall plant health, quality and production.

The effects of Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum on crops are truly striking. While explaining its product MycoUp, Jesus Juarez specifies: “Our products act directly on the roots of crops, on the soil. MycoUp generates a powerfull effect that helps increase the absorption capacity of the plant”, he says. The mycorrhizal forming fungus makes crops develop a more prolific rooting system, improving water use efficiency, nutrient absorption and significant production increases.

Numerous tests performed demonstrate greater productive capacity of plants in a variety of crops. It’s common for Symborg to produce a 20% increases in corn and melons, more than 15% in lettuce and peppers and more than 12% in tomatoes. For the biological characteristics of Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum Symborg has achieved an international patent that protects the species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, HMA.

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