Symborg, expert speaker at MicroBioma, the 1st International Forum on Microorganisms

2 May 2019

The event will be held May 29th and 30th at the El Batel Auditorium in Cartagena

It will be sharing its knowledge on applying microorganisms to agricultural systems

Murcia, March 11, 2019. Symborg will be one of the expert speakers at the 1st International Forum on Microorganisms applied to Agriculture, MicroBioma, which will be held the 29th and 30th of May at the El Batel Auditorium in Cartagena, Murcia. The event, organised by Agromarketing, will feature a speech by Félix Fernández Martín, Director of the R+D+i Department at Symborg, on the Integrated Microbial Model (IMM) developed by the company and its microbiological solutions applied to different agricultural systems.

During the speech, Fernández Martín will share his knowledge on applying microorganisms to agricultural soil, and will explain the importance of beginning to observe rhizospheres with an associative vision, meaning as a unique microbiome set. “After many years of research, and thanks to developments in advanced technology, as researchers, we can better understand the precise genes of microbes in a community, their vital needs, etc. As a result of this understanding, we can take action on microbial relations to attain a better physiological state for plants, higher production, better defense against pathogens, etc.”

Symborg’s Integrated Microbial Model is based on managing very specific and exclusive species of different types of microorganisms, selected thanks to their high efficiency to work in synergy to balance agricultural soil and provide the different roles necessary for optimum plant development. “Thanks to this model, we can achieve more profitable and sustainable crops, which has been one of Symborg’s main goals since its creation.”

The 1st International Forum on Microorganisms, MicroBioma, is a pioneer event to address different aspects related to this new, vast field of research, and clear up uncertainty on how to handle and apply fertilisers of microbial origin, biostimulants, insecticides and nematicides, and current legislation. This is all from a scientific perspective, with expert international participants. The target audience are researchers, technicians and those responsible for administration, producers and consumers.

For two days, there will be a series of speeches on the latest scientific progress in this field. The content will be divided into four thematic blocks with speeches and round tables: legislation, fertilisers of microbial origin, microorganisms as tools for pest and diseases control, and biostimulants of microbial origin. Each block will have a manager from the competent administration, two scientific experts (international and national), a representative from manufacturing companies and an agriculturist/consumer representative.

About Symborg

Symborg is a biotechnological company in the agricultural sector. It produces and sells exclusive fertilisers, based on natural biological processes that strengthen plant roots and improve their physiological activity, increasing production and quality of the fruit. Based on natural processes, Symborg’s products are 100% sustainable and improve the environment. Founded in 2009 by Jesús Juárez and Félix Fernández, both with long careers in the fields of research and agriculture, Symborg has become firmly established as a leading Bioagro company. It is currently present in 31 different countries.

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