Symborg continues to grow in Turkey, and will attend Growtech Eurasia 2018

20 November 2018

Symborg has strengthened the Turkish market as one of its main international markets after opening its subsidiary in the country just two short years ago. The company will be attending Growtech Eurasia 2018 to boost its presence, not just in Turkey, but also in other countries within its scope of influence and the Middle East with great agricultural potential. The fair will take place from 28 November until 1 December in the Turkish city of Antalya.

For the third year in a row, Symborg is participating in the event. In previous years, the meeting drew over 85,000 professionals from around one hundred different countries, with an exhibition space measuring more than 55,000 square meters. Symborg’s booth will be 3F100, there they will sharing its biotechnological keys and having different professional meetings.

Growtech is the most important agricultural fair in this geographical region of the world, held in the city of Antalya on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, demonstrating agriculture’s huge development in the area.

With pleasant geographical and weather conditions, Turkey is one of the greatest agricultural producers in the world. 35% of the country’s surface area is dedicated to agricultural work. 18.4% is occupied by irrigated crops, and 81.6% by dry land. Turkey especially stands out in fruit and wheat production, and is the largest producer in the world of raisins, walnuts and dried figs. Also of note is its cotton, tobacco, olive, wheat, rye, almond, citrus and tea production capacity.

MycoUp Activ

As explained by Symborg’s Country Manager in Turkey, Job Ferrando: “Symborg’s biotechnological solutions, based on natural microorganisms, are very warmly received by producers who see their crop yields increase, in a 100% sustainable fashion, thanks to our products.” Ferrando foresees his bio stimulant product MycoUp Activ taking center stage in Symborg’s promotional actions over the course of the 4 days that the Fair lasts.

MycoUp Activ inoculates plants for the mycorrhizal fungus Glomus iranicum var tenuihypharum, accompanied by the activation complex Activ. This fungus, discovered and patented by Symborg, enters into symbiosis with plant roots and makes them grow more and better absorb nutrients from the soil.  It stimulates plants’ general activity, allowing them to grow more and bear more fruit. On the other hand, Activ is a mineral organic complex which, in synergy with Symborg’s Glomus, stimulates the soil’s microbial activity, leading to greater biological balance in the soil.

Thanks to the action of both components, the plants grow more, are more resistant to unfavorable conditions such as water scarcity, pest attacks, etc. MycoUp Activ does not interfere with other agricultural products that the agriculturalist wishes to continue using, such as chemical fertilizer and plant protection products. This product is entirely ecological, based on 100% natural microorganisms, so it is also suitable for ecological agriculture.

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