Symborg becomes Gold Member of CAPCA

28 February 2019

Symborg strengthens its position as a leader in the bio-agro sector by becoming a Gold Member of the California Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA). For Symborg, the membership within this association is an opportunity to enhance its image and role of in this American state where innovation and preservation are highly important, especially when it comes to the agricultural and horticultural sector.

As a Gold Member, Symborg obtains greater support from the Association in order to promote and spread its research on agricultural biotechnology as well as a wider dissemination of the company’s participation in Congresses, Fairs and all kinds of training activities related to the sector.

CAPCA helps Californian PCAs by providing the opportunity to work with the latest industry trends, complete the hours of continuous training needed to carry out their work as well as legal support. The Association is considered a vital resource to keep California at the forefront of responsible agricultural management and pest control strategies.

Since 1972, California has demonstrated its commitment to the protection of natural resources by maintaining a formal licensing program for pest control advisors. According to CAPCA, the association represents more than 75% of the nearly 4,000 licensed pest control advisors in California. PCAs work with farmers and landowners to improve plant health, increase biodiversity and reduce agricultural losses. The main objective of CAPCA is to help California provide the safest food supply in the world and ensure that the parks and recreational spaces of the state are free of invasive pests, weeds and diseases.

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